What Beer Would Darwin Drink?

An evolving brew
274Romantic Heretic
3/09/13 10:34:17 am
re: #91 Romantic Heretic For this badly thought out, and very stupid post I wish to apologize most profusely

More: Flying Dog and Evolution Brewery Announce Natural Selection Ale Also see: Flying Dog and Evolution Craft Brewing Co. Announce Collaboration : Brewbound.com

John McCain Accurately Describes Rand Paul and Ted Cruz: “Wacko Birds”

Not wrong
3/09/13 9:22:43 am
re: #5 Skip Intro It is now part of American History that in 2008, the Republican Party candidate for Vice President of the United States was mentally ill. This is a very unpleasant, uncomfortable truth. America will have to come ...

Fact Checking: ‘Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks’

Conspiracy mongers are still spreading a lie about DHS “tanks”
3/13/13 1:13:41 pm
re: #119 TANSTAAFLusa CORRECTION Previous post should be "Fourth, you are the one mistaking skepticism for paranoia. I am NOT hiding out in a bunker, declaring war on the US, buying guns or gold, or exaggerating facts to gain support." ...