Jim Hoft’s Breaking Bombshell of the Day: Victim of Terrorism Visited by Michelle Obama!

Idiocy ever deeper
188Reality Based Steve
4/25/13 11:14:10 am
I love how the Right Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ) can hold two contradictory "Facts" as true at the same time. GENUINE FACT: M. Obama visited him in the hospital, along with other victims. "RWNJ FACT": He was added to the ...

VP Joe Biden: Tsarnaev Brothers Were ‘Perverted, Cowardly, Knock-Off Jihadis’

Sums it up
177klys (maker of Silmarils)
4/24/13 6:23:14 pm
re: #176 Romantic Heretic That is the downside to it. It's why things like excerpts matter. But I prefer being able to do some of the filtering myself instead of having very little available because it doesn't fit what some ...

Pro Lifer Discusses Shooting Abortion Providers

Sympathizes with anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder in interview
4/24/13 10:27:02 pm
Why are people continuing to respond to this condescending, parsing, human talking point? He's on auto water muddying, and he's at boss level. Just ignore him.