#Breitbart.com Exclusive Bombshell of the Day: Hitler Was Gay!

Fear of a gay Hitler
304Roger S
5/11/13 7:21:35 pm
re: #273 Stanghazi Thanks, I just remembered I had not introduced myself. I've been a reader for a long time and glad to join.

You may not have thought it possible, but breitbart.com gets even creepier and more disgusting with the latest far right propaganda piece by psycho hack William Bigelow: NEW EVIDENCE FROM HIS DOCTORS SHOWS HITLER WAS GAY!!! (h/t: C&L.)

And Now, the Benghazi Talking Point Bombshell That Isn’t

The only government talking points in history that were ever revised - not
5/10/13 5:05:31 pm
re: #130 lawhawk I've yet to see any evidence that the Syrian government has used them. I also have not seen the UN retract it's claim that the rebels have used them. In fact, they're saying again today that the ...

Climate Change Landmark of 400 PPM of CO2: More Evidence From 3 Million Years Ago

Yes, it’s going to get warmer
248klys (maker of Silmarils)
5/10/13 11:25:40 am
re: #243 Lidane I used it when practicing for my defense, since Skype wants you to pay to enable screen sharing. I could do it for free there, so I sat at my computer and gave practice runthroughs of my ...