Whoa! Obama’s Twitter Account Includes a ‘Fallen Eagle’

Dumbest Man on the Internet Strikes Again
5/14/13 11:56:28 am
re: #186 NJDhockeyfan So you were pointing out how ridiculous Andrea Mitchell sounds? I'm not sure what your point is or was.

More: Whoa! Obama’s Twitter Account Includes a ‘Fallen Eagle’ The official Whitehouse Twitter account has this as their page, and now the RWNJ Blogs are going berserk with it. It’s actually a picture of the ceiling of the oval office taken from the perspective of someone standing facing toward …

Heritage Immigration Study Co-Author: “I Do Not Apologize”

Racist and proud of it
85Romantic Heretic
5/13/13 1:19:26 pm
re: #78 Kragar Obviously the commander in question has been studying the works of Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, Marshalls Foch and Gamelin along with that brilliant general Erich Ludendorff. History/