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NPR Interviews Keith Jarrett: ‘I Want the Imperfections to Remain’

The hardest part was convincing the bass player
426Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
5/28/13 1:17:51 pm
re: #423 Political Atheist If he was 'beating' it, sure. If he had grabbed his hair and rapped his skull, no. Let's go back to my question. If you started a fight with someone, and then they knocked you down, ...

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Testing out some changes in our automatic NPR audio feature, with a fascinating All Things Considered interview with Keith Jarrett about the new Trio album soon to be released, Somewhere (Live in Lucerne / 2009). The album almost didn’t come out, because the band had a miserable experience on-stage …

Dear Jim Hoft, I’m Not Sorry

Shoots his mouth off, then snakes out on his own bet
5/28/13 6:28:36 pm
re: #422 Absalom, Absalom, Obdicut Did that back in the early 90s, for a show called "Mysteries of the Night" - was on Canal5 in Italy, back when that was owned by Berlusconi before he went "Full Borgia" on the ...