A shot of one of the signs from the video above.

Muslim Group’s TN Forum With FBI Disrupted by Anti-Muslim “Free Speechers”

6/06/13 12:01:11 pm
re: #487 lawhawk NIN concert in Nashville October 22nd.

More: Muslim Group’s TN Forum With Feds Disrupted by Heckling More at The Tennessean. UPDATE at 6/5/13 6:49:37 pm One of the signs at the protest:

Life With Gohmert! Gov. Christie’s ‘Bromance’ With Obama

That wacky Gohmert says the darnedest things!
6/05/13 9:51:58 pm
re: #347 Bubblehead II I once set a cabinet ablaze just by toasting a pop tart for too long as a child. Toasters are fucking terrifying to me.

On Sale for Father’s Day: Kindle Fire HD - Only $179

Media to go
6/05/13 1:38:25 pm
re: #160 Vicious Babushka I'll bet nobody on the right had any problem whatsoever with this clown's behavior on the House Floor on Monday: livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com I'll bet my paycheck they think that's not rude and really classes up the joint. ...