Edward Snowden’s a Hero, All Right - to China and Russia

Sympathy meter now at absolute zero
6/18/13 9:46:52 am
I had already lost any shred of sympathy for Mr. Snowden when he dumped secret documents to a pro-Beijing newspaper, but this demonstrates beyond a doubt that his sole purpose in leaking these secrets is to embarrass the US government ...

Glenn Greenwald: America Is “The Most Brutal, Sprawling Prison State on Earth”

Your WTF moment of the day
6/17/13 8:58:36 pm
Oh please. The US is only a threatening prison state if you're an African American male who smokes pot or a Libertarian without any common sense that decides to spill government secrets because of FREEDOM!! or some idealized naivete belief ...

CNET Updates Article, Continues to Make False Claims

Distortion continues
24unproven innocence
6/16/13 1:46:10 pm
re: #14 Eclectic Cyborg Routers have a short-term memory of which machines/devices (according to each one's 48bit MAC --machine address code) that are "currently" connected to each of its ports, and the IP that was associated with the device (if ...