Video: Jim DeMint Says Women Want Mandatory Vaginal Probes

Yes, he really did say it
780unproven innocence
7/01/13 12:11:31 pm
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Not only do Jim DeMint and Ralph Reed say they’re in favor of forcing women who request abortions to have ultrasound probes, they say women want this. It’s an amazingly revealing moment. These “pregnancy centers” to which DeMint refers are usually explicitly Christian facilities, that exist solely to scare, … Partners With 9/11 Truther to Cover Gettysburg Anniversary

A partnership that had to be
6/30/13 10:40:22 pm
Charles Johnson I'm kind of surprised by this actually. Isn't Breitbart one of those sites obsessed with attacking and demonizing Muslims? 9/11 "truth" maybe about as ridiculous as any of the anti Muslim conspiracy theories they promote, but promoting the ...