Texas State GOP Rep. Sanford Says Pro-Choice Demonstrators Are Chanting “Hail Satan”

Batshit nuts in Texas
7/03/13 10:53:09 am
re: #530 Charles Johnson It reminds me of the Republican Party the way it is now.

Meanwhile, Texas State Republican Rep. Scott Sanford says pro-choice demonstrators at the State legislature are chanting “Hail Satan,” and forming human pentagrams. Yes, really. UPDATE at 7/3/13 9:55:01 am You may notice that Sanford’s tweets no longer show up as embedded tweets — that’s because he deleted them. (But we …

Bad Craziness Watch: NC Senate Tacks Sweeping Abortion Legislation Onto Sharia Law Bill

A disturbing convergence of backward bigotry
75William Lewis
7/03/13 7:00:26 am
re: #24 Lidane Late but I need to respond: Considering the attacks on liberal churches by far right nuts (see the Knoxville TN Unitarian church for example) one can want to defend one's church rather than be forced to leave ...

Glenn Greenwald’s Interview With Fox’s Resident Racist, Eric Bolling

Greenwald helps Fox News attack President Obama
7/02/13 2:24:20 pm
re: #206 Lidane Women like me didn't work so hard so long ago to see a well-paid RW sell out like her try to undo all our work. And we're going to rise again--TX is just the beginning. The RW ...