Tech Note: LGF Pages Bookmarklet Updated

New auto-embedding features
7/30/13 11:01:33 am
re: #427 Lidane Greenwald. Winning!!!/

There’s a new version of the LGF Pages posting bookmarklet tonight, with better support for automatically embedding video and SoundCloud audio from most websites — making it incredibly simple to add video and audio to your posts. To install the new version in your browser, right-click on your existing …

Outrage After Fox News Interview With ‘Zealot’ Author

Blatant Fox News bigotry
7/29/13 4:26:37 pm
re: #361 freetoken well, there it is. I don't profess to be a historical scholar (other than having a minor in history along with my master's degree in media communications) and really wouldn't recognize what you call a "pop book ...