MIT News: Encryption Is Less Secure Than We Thought

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8/17/13 2:42:31 pm
re: #330 Dark_Falcon That the B-17 and B-24 were good at that role is essentially because they were designed for it. 1930s US defense policy were partially developed around having long-range maritime patrol bombers that could haul 2000 lbs of ...

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Feinstein: No Evidence of Intentional NSA Abuse of Authority

The Washington Post’s leaked document supports Feinstein
8/16/13 7:36:18 pm
Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall are members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. They released a joint statement whose emphasis is very different from Feinstein's. I know little about Udall, but Wyden has been very strong on civil liberties in ...

The New Spokesman For Obamacare — Rand Paul

The eye doctor proves he doesn’t understand health care or Obamacare on The Daily Show
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8/16/13 5:19:41 pm
re: #51 Lidane Did you know Ricky's dad didn't become a US citizen until Ricky was three years old? I'm sure the berfers will be all over that. And how the hell do I make this damned video stop playing ...