What Obamacare Supporters Can Learn From The Gay Rights Movement

As Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell sit in the audience, Kentucky’s governor speaks for the uninsured who suffer in silence.
8/26/13 2:01:17 pm
re: #56 EdDantes re: #58 NJDhockeyfan The story, as it has long been handed down from generation to generation (or about 40 or so years ago) was that Blue Oyster Cult was supposed to play in Lewiston, Maine waaaay back ...

More Lies From Glenn Greenwald - Update: And an Undisclosed Conflict of Interest

An unbroken pattern of dishonesty
195Charles Johnson
8/27/13 10:24:50 am
re: #194 Laertes And if you weren't trying so hard to make excuses for the constant distortion, you'd just admit that you're being played. Now it's not supposed to matter that Greenwald has been simply lying? That's a pathetic rationalization. ...