Sunday Night Schneider - Hop on the World

Meet you on the other side
9/16/13 10:49:05 am
@CaptnAtheist @HeatherHastie Total bullshit and proof, yet again, that a genius in one field (math/physics) is clueless in others — Cletis Stump (@CletisStump) September 16, 2013

I just love the lazy, idiosyncratic, deeply weird string arrangement in this great song from Bob Schneider’s latest side.

Hilarious: Daily Show Apologizes to Egypt for Bachmann, King, and Gohmert

America’s three stupidest people go on a nervous field trip
9/15/13 8:24:49 pm
re: #96 catfitz56 Update -- Correction -- the piece in Vanity Fair was nasty about Charles *Krauthammer*. Brown was nasty about Charles *Johnson* *on the chatlog* which has mysteriously disappeared from Pastebin despite being around for years. Obviously, the relationship ...