Wednesday Night Acoustic: Gareth Pearson - Trail of M & Ms (Solo Guitar)

A finger-picking maestro
9/26/13 10:59:51 am
re: #193 wheat-dogghazi What gets me, they are behind almost all of the crap that will bring this country down. They wreck the economy, they make our name dirt in the world, they destroy science and maybe even ding the ...

Let’s Call Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster What It Was: Theater for Morons

Sheer idiocy
9/25/13 3:04:41 pm
My guess? He's angling for the vice-presidency slot in the next election. He knows that by doing this, he sews up the GOP's dingbat base. The nomination goes to a centrist (?) like Christie, and Cruz slips in to make ...