Daily Caller: Confederate Flags Are Just Like Gay Pride Flags

They’re nuts, folks
555Dr Lizardo
10/15/13 10:19:54 am
re: #554 Romantic Heretic That last photo looks like some the of the next-generation trams that are coming on-line here in Ostrava.

The Republican Party sent their best people out to the media today to downplay that Confederate flag at the White House yesterday, but the websites that keep the voting base whipped into an irrational frenzy had a different agenda. For example, the Daily Caller: Students Suspended for Confederate Flags to …

New WaPo/ABC Poll: 74% of Americans Disapprove of GOP Shutdown Craziness

Not winning
10/14/13 5:49:01 pm
re: #39 wrenchwench While I hope that Sikh guy the best of luck - Rob Zerban is running against Ryan again robzerban.com and probably has a better chance of beating Ryan when Ryan isn't being pumped up on the TV ...

Confederate Flag Guy Identified

Oddly enough, he seems to be a right winger
101Egregious Philbin
10/14/13 10:28:33 pm
Lets see, his hypothetical Christian Mingle profile: Likes: Chewin' Tabacky, guns, white people, moonshine, god, wavin' snakes, Hank WIlliams Jr., Larry the Cable Guy, Dislikes: Libtards, jews, negroes, MSN, fluoridation, fags, evolution. ETA: I wrote this before looking at his ...