NC GOP Precinct Chairman Resigns After Mega-Racist Interview on the Daily Show

What Republican racism?
10/24/13 9:12:06 pm
re: #130 EPR-radar The son told me that because he was buying a $214,000 12 rack rotisserie bagel oven the size of a very small bedroom he would have the capacity to make bulk sales locally. When I asked if ...

GOP Clown Show: Rep. Joe Barton Freaks Out Over an HTML Comment

Sheer fail
298The Vicious Babushka
10/24/13 4:46:28 pm
re: #269 Justanotherhuman Allowing your child to be a total asshole, encouraging and applauding every douchey thing it does, and developing a sense of entitlement and "specialness" to match your own douchey entitled narcissism. See also: "Are You 'Mom' Enough?" ...

Republicans, Sensing Weakness in Health Law Rollout, Switch Tactics

GOP calls for a Halloween Health Care Witch Hunt, with an eye towards burning Sebelius
10/24/13 12:00:42 pm
re: #304 Backwoods_Sleuth Well, you wouldn't be killed instantly. You would die from starvation because any means of transportation dependent on electronics not properly ruggedized would simply stop working. And it would take time to replace it. And what little ...