Russia Slipped Spying Gadgets Into G20 Summit Gift Bags

Edward Snowden unavailable for comment
10/30/13 3:44:22 pm
re: #542 Witches BaBOOshka When I became a netcommie in 1994, I first signed up for both a shell account and an ix.netcom account as I was moving over from Compuserve, and didn't know which one I would prefer. Dropped ...

More: Kremlin Slips Spying Gadgets Into G20 Summit Gift Bags, Newspapers Say

US Officials: Phone Records Given to NSA by European Intelligence Services

Major Greenwald fail
10/30/13 1:31:38 pm
re: #70 JamesRyanBoston Greenwald has maintained that the USA is out grabbing up the world's data for nefarious purposes. Instead, it turns out that the data for this is supplied by our allies, and that there is obviously an allied ...

WSJ publishes op-ed from health care expert Suzanne Somers

The future is a head hitting a desk, forever.
10/30/13 6:47:31 am
re: #27 Sophist, D.D., DDS, DFH That sums up the intellectual heft and tenor of just about every right-wing publication and bogus news organization in America. They are nothing more than the point of origin for a bunch of cheesy ...