Report: LAX Shooter Purchased Guns Legally, Targeted TSA Agents

Libertarianism poisons everything
11/04/13 11:13:29 am
re: #368 Varek Raith The kind of booger-eating mouthbreather that hates the ACA isn't the kind of person that plays video games. Much like the 'debate' surrounding Net Neutrality, anybody with even an ounce of experience with actual tech industry ...

The latest information on the news wires about LAX shooting suspect Paul Ciancia reveals that Ciancia went to the airport with the intention of killing as many TSA agents as possible. And he brought a lot of ammunition. “Fiat currency” and the “New World Order,” we should point out, are …

The Most Awesome Flight Safety Video You’ll Ever See, via Virgin America

You got to buckle up to get down
11/04/13 9:42:01 am
re: #31 Vicious Babushka Maybe UHC cut this person's shit policy so the UHC CEO can continue to be the highest-paid healthcare CEO of all time? UHC is withdrawing, altogether, from insuring people in CA - something that happens with ...

Muslim Brotherhood ‘Uses Puppies as Firebombs?’

“Anti-jihad” bigots get even crazier
11/03/13 10:24:38 pm
Thanks to all of you for your funny & informative responses. After waking up this morning, reading this story, and then Paging it, I decided it was a good day to take a break from the internet. It's heartening to ...

If You Accuse Rand Paul of Plagiarism, He’d Like to Kill You

That’s what a duel is
11/04/13 7:10:37 am
re: #5 b_sharp Oh, the Pauls are all about big empty loudmouthed talk that implies no consequences. Also, still remembering how Rand Pauls' fucking Jack Booted goddamn Thugs curb-stomped a protestor here a couple of years back. he can run ...