Tuesday Night Acoustic Guitar: Tommy Emmanuel, Train to Dusseldorf

So good
11/27/13 12:23:37 pm
re: #213 Justanotherhuman Derek is well respected among his peers (some of whom wish they had his chops). The buzz around Derek from a very early age has always been, "wow have you seen this kid play the guitar? He's ...

The reason why I post so many Tommy Emmanuel videos: because he’s so totally amazing.

Benghazi Boogaloo Claims Another Victim: Lara Logan to Take “Leave of Absence” From CBS

The Benghazi brain virus strikes again
11/26/13 4:07:54 pm
re: #77 Bulworth No they fired him when he started showing up to school functions with his girlfriend while he was still married. Mind you, this was a conservative Christian collage.