Saturday Night Acoustic: The Tallest Man on Earth, “Where Do My Bluebird Fly”

With all this fever in my mind
2/09/14 12:24:55 pm
re: #100 Ryan King God, Shapiro is an ignorant little shit. Hoffman died because he was an addict and despite all his best efforts and his 20%2B years of sobriety, his demons still won. It's as simple as that. His ...

Russian MP Who Tweeted Racist Image of Obamas Lights Sochi Torch, US Right Wing Applauds

Another festival of overt racism in the right wing blogosphere
216Roger S
2/10/14 2:13:21 am
re: #79 freetoken They should try to get the story right though. Probably saying the Buddha is an avatar of Krishna/Vishnu to satisfy those who cannot handle the supreme personality of the Godhead, or something.