Dallas Sportscaster Obliterates Football’s Anti-Gay Hypocrisy

It’s ‘time to celebrate’ Michael Sam, not condemn him.
652Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
2/13/14 4:36:55 pm
re: #639 Backwoods_Sleuth Beautiful snakes, but with a deadly bite. My pythons don't look nearly that beautiful, but I prefer snakes that can't kill me.

Here in Texas, football is damn near a religion. Friday Night Lights wasn’t just a book, or a film, or a TV series. It’s real life. It’s hard for people outside this state to understand, but that’s just how it is. Texas is also a deeply red state. For all …

Far Right Political Stunt of the Day: Rand Paul Sues Obama Over NSA Surveillance

Shameless grandstanding from the libertarian right, co-starring Ken Cuccinelli
2/13/14 11:52:46 am
I am not a fan of the far right, but I have to give Rand Paul some props for doing more than just demagoguing -- he is trying to take some legitimate action to raise awareness about this issue in ...