Photo of the Day: President Obama Meets With Advisers in Situation Room on Ukraine

Right wing bloggers now zooming in and scrutinizing the pixels
3/04/14 12:58:57 pm
re: #834 Pie-onist Overlord When I was stoopid. ;) Mea culpa.

Via the Twitter timeline of official White House photographer @petesouza, our photo of the day. I’m sure conservatives will be pleased that the President is wearing an expensive suit for this one. Actually, I’m not sure.

Russia Continues Moving on Ukraine, US Republicans Continue Attacking Obama

Remember when it was considered bad form to take a foreign country’s side against the US?
3/03/14 2:42:24 pm
re: #358 Lidane I agree with this 100%. I don't want to fight Russia over this, and it really isn't an option anyway. We do need to use finesse and diplomacy. I just think Kerry dropped a clanger there with ...