Observations on Evasiveness, Featuring Glenn Greenwald

3/17/14 10:39:03 am
re: #663 kirkspencer Or better yet, see Paul Ryan, beneficiary of the Social Security system.

As Vladimir Putin shuts down dissenting media outlets, cracks down on dissidents and brings Europe to the brink of war, some observations on Glenn Greenwald’s very noticeable evasiveness when the subject turns to Russia’s propaganda machine: Make of it what you will.

Founder of Westboro Baptist Hate Cult “On the Edge of Death”

After causing grievous harm to many, many people at their worst moments
3/17/14 6:03:19 am
As a Jew, when we hear of the death of someone, we have a blessing: "Blessed are You, Oh L--d our G-D, ruler of the universe, THE TRUE JUDGE." phelps will truly be judged when he's gone and it won't ...