Photo Gallery: Veterans Passed Over Due to Prejudice Receive the Medal of Honor

Recognized at last for their heroism
3/19/14 12:24:42 pm
re: #306 HappyWarrior Also, Republican Presidents' wives and daughters have all been pro-choice. Every single one of them, starting with Pat, Julie and Tricia Nixon.

Courtesy of Getty Images’ excellent new embedding feature, some images from today’s moving Medal of Honor ceremony, rewarding veterans long denied recognition due to racial prejudice.

Breaking News: The NSA Is Spying on Foreign Countries

Don’t look now, but it’s their job
3/18/14 1:54:03 pm
So, they record all voice calls of Lower Slobbovia -- fill in the blanks as to which country this might be -- and then, since they couldn't possibly listen to all calls -- you'd need roughly the population of the ...