Reports: Oklahoma Horribly Botches Execution

Medical experimentation
578Reality Based Steve
4/30/14 11:03:50 am
re: #542 Kragar "The Bundy connection connects also the relationship of the BLM to the Reid family. It is deep stuff." It is deep stuff." Yea... it is deep, but not quite in the way you are trying to use ...

The details coming out of Oklahoma about the botched execution of inmate Clayton Lockett are barbaric. The AP story was very obviously rushed out, so we should probably apply the 24-hour rule here. But clearly, something went very wrong tonight in McAlester, Oklahoma. And this should be a wake-up call …

Jon Stewart vs. the Incredibly Not Racist Racists

“He’s a rare creature - a racist swinger”
126Floral Giraffe
4/29/14 4:10:58 pm
re: #111 Backwoods_Sleuth And those of us in an "extreme danger zone" pay extra taxes for fire fighting. Like a couple of hundred dollars a year... Worth every penney. It's 95 outside right now, and I am very near the ...

Breaking: Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Suspended Indefinitely, Fined $5M (Update: $2.5M)

Possibly the most expensive argument with a mistress in history
4/29/14 5:26:05 pm
Interesting. I'd like to track down the source of the $5 million error, and the one that first said it was an "indefinite" suspension. If you watch Silver's announcement, he clearly announces a lifetime suspension and $2.5 million. As for ...

Jeffrey Goldberg on the Kerry “Apartheid” Fake Outrage

Kerry’s not the only one to use the “A” word
4/29/14 1:52:56 pm
re: #9 Dr Lizardo New Godzilla movie looks great, but the Disney remake of Star Wars is getting off to a shaky start - the entire expanded universe is to be considered non-canon, and as my friend said "a thousand ...