This Is What Happens When Legislators Don’t Learn Science in School

Kentucky still has “concerns” about climate change…
7/07/14 11:08:38 am
[Reposted from other thread by request] Yeah, I've seen one of those "out of context" defenses being raised by a RWNJ on a chat network. Basically, that guy claimed it was taken out of context, and that the honorable gentleman ...

Click This Link and the NSA Will Spy on You for the Rest of Your Life

Most ridiculous hyperbole yet?
313unproven innocence
7/03/14 4:42:09 pm
Charles - "If you click the link, don't blame me ..." Too late. For years, I've already been visiting heavily monitored sites like boingboing, linuxjournal, krebsonsecurity, schneier's blog, grc, and (ahem) lgf. But I think my life wreckage began when ...