GOP Will Sue Obama for Not Imposing His Nightmare Socialist Scheme Quickly Enough

It’s facepalm time again
222Mike Lamb
7/10/14 10:29:54 pm
re: #195 lawhawk I suspect that they think winning the suit will force Obama to implement the law immediately, which, in turn, will cause the list of horribles to come to fruition. In other words, the upshot of the suit ...

Photo of the Day: At the Right Wing Protest in Murrieta, a Confederate Flag

The symbol of slavery, racism and treason comes out in Murrieta
7/10/14 8:17:42 pm
See, that's no surprise, is it? Of course! They're trying to introduce the Confederate immigration policy: find a way to smuggle in some more slaves. Keep 'em illegal so we don't owe them anything.

Video: President Obama Speaks at the Paramount Theater in Austin

“It’s great to play at the Paramount.”
7/10/14 1:22:27 pm
re: #21 Charles Johnson He's as comfortable in his own skin as Bill Clinton was, without all the baggage, and he has pretty much neutered the GOP/dittohead right. Hillary does not have this confidence, and that worries me.