Weekly Standard’s Great Idea of the Day: Go Bold With Gold!

Forward… into the past!
7/15/14 10:55:09 am
re: #309 Charles Johnson I just love the fact there are 5 year old black Beatles fans! Good for you King!

You gotta love this! Today at the Weekly Standard we find a terrific suggestion for the Republican Party, a winning issue if there ever was one: GO BOLD WITH GOLD! Yes, the gold standard! Possibly the worst economic idea in the history of humanity! I totally support this “GO …

Sgt. Bergdahl Returns to Army Duty, Fox News Goes Full Benghazi

Fox News, keeping wingnut dolts angry
7/14/14 3:59:22 pm
re: #60 alpuz MN was really very lucky when we just barely dodged having Emmer as our governor. He would have given Walker a run for the money. I hope WI can get rid of Walker in the next election. ...

KY GOP Sen. Who Said Mars Has the Same Temperature as Earth Doubles Down

Sen. Brandon Smith (famous climate science ‘academic’) is still living on Mars
1397-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
7/14/14 7:58:01 pm
re: #96 Pie-onist Overlord I'm really beginning to think that a lot of those "conservative" (blonde) girls who tweet may actually be guys who like to pretend they are tough girls?