Funny or Die: John Boehner (aka Harry Hamlin) Explains the Minimum Wage

Don’t get cute. It’s pronounced “Bay-ner”.
308Sir John Barron
7/16/14 11:02:56 am
re: #306 Wingnut logic: If I oppose a Right, that means it is not a Right, no matter what the courts say, no matter how the legal system has functioned for half a century.

Cashier bonuses just make rich people richer.

CNBC Climate “Expert” Compares “Demonization of Carbon Dioxide” to the Holocaust

The right wing war on climate science
7/15/14 7:01:30 pm
Kudzu, 'the vine that ate the South' found to be increasing CO2 - #climatechange #carbon — Scott Sutherland (@ScottWx_TWN) July 15, 2014 "...While these growths have taken on epic proportions, that's not the only problem from kudzu. ...

Exclusive: NSA Director Was Secretly Briefed on 22 Counter-Intelligence Operations Undermined by Snowden Leaks

New docs show Director of NSA and President were secretly briefed on “significant” damage to CI operations
7/15/14 12:13:23 pm
Just a tad of my favorite bits of writing from Mr. Clemens seems appropriate here. Enjoy!