“Weird Al” Yankovic Pokes Fun at the Prison Planet Dopes: Foil

World domination, black helicopters and food wrappings
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7/18/14 4:01:27 pm
The only thing that keeps me going these days, and the chance of it happening are somewhere between zero and nil.

I’ve never really understood why he’s supposed to be “Weird” Al — he’s not really that weird. Funny, sure, but weird? Captain Beefheart was weird; honestly, deeply weird. The Captain couldn’t be anything but weird. Al, on the other hand, does parodies of pop songs, usually involving food. Nonetheless, …

Rush Limbaugh: Crash of MH17 Is “An Opportunity to Abandon the Bad Obama News at the Border”

Expect the Right Wing Unison Parrots’ Chorus to chime in too
313Higgs Boson's Mate
7/18/14 5:12:31 am
WTF caused Malaysian Air Lines to fly that aircraft over a hot war zone in the first place? And who in hell thought that they'd be advantaged by shooting down a civilian airliner? I've become too old, the world doesn't ...

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes in Eastern Ukraine - Possible Missile Attack

A possible attack with an advanced Russian surface-to-air missile
1017-y (Expectation of Great Things in Due Course)
7/17/14 1:52:22 pm
re: #17 Charles Johnson Well, Charles, it would be routine behavior for when I was in the military. Remember, in boot camp, when they took all your cologne, booze, and intimate pictures away? They used to divvy all that up ...