Russia Offers 4 Million Rubles to Crack the Tor Network

Written by Kevin Rothrock @kevinrothrock * Global Voices
7/26/14 3:36:34 pm
re: #395 ObserverArt Thanks for sharing that, OA, because it does pretty much sum up who Larry Flynt was as a business owner and, more importantly, as an employer. He took a real interest in his employees and was able ...

News from Russia — that bastion of human rights, privacy, internet freedom, and home of Edward Snowden… More: Russia Offers 4 Million Rubles to Crack the Tor Network * Global Voices

The Terms of Kerry’s Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire Proposal - Update: Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal

Attempting diplomacy to stop the killing
7/26/14 7:10:44 am
Israeli governments change and there have been more "dovish" Israeli leaders than Bibi. In the future there will probably be more. But if the doves had their offers rebuffed with no realistic concessions by the ONES WHO ARE ASKING FOR ...

Another Fake Outrage From Jim Hoft: Feds Are “Secretly” Smuggling 30,000 “Illegal Children” Into States

Under cover of night, in black helicopters, no doubt
7/25/14 7:30:21 pm
re: #268 majii I guarantee that someone in state government knew those kids were being sent to Georgia, probably someone in the child welfare office or a court clerk. It's a routine matter that's been in place for at least ...