Sean Hannity Interviews an “Expert” on the Murder of Steve Sotloff: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

So crazy
495SteveMcGriftFlynnComey... ...corruptemoligate RN
9/03/14 11:20:01 am
re: #450 Backwoods_Sleuth I hope I get a chance to boo the SOB. What do you expect? He's a Cowboy.

Yes, folks. To discuss the murder of journalist Steve Sotloff by ISIS, Sean Hannity interviews the lunatic leader of the Duck Dynasty clan. This is so insane you won’t believe it.

Loony Bryan Fischer: Michelle Obama Should Start a ‘Fight Obesity, Go Straight’ Anti-Lesbian Campaign

Deranged hatred can be inadvertently funny
9/03/14 9:41:50 am
re: #1 Jack Burton I know he doesn't really get logic does he? After all, he expects us to believe the first amendment's free exercise of religion clause was meant only to apply to Christians. "By the word religion in ...

Apple Releases Statement on Celebrity Hacking: iCloud Was Not Breached

“A very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions”
320Jay in Oregon
9/03/14 5:19:46 pm
One of my Snowflake friends actually suggested that the NSA, which apparently knows everything on the internet in real time, should know who is behind the leaks. He was stymied as to why they hadn't been caught yet. The notion ...