ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution in Schools

Fanaticism in common
9/16/14 2:30:54 pm
re: #361 marko California is not a Stop and Identify State. It used to be, but the law was struck down in 1983 as void for vagueness, Kolender v. Lawson. So that's the state of play here, asshole, and it's ...

Here’s some common ground between America’s religious right and the jihadis of ISIS: ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution in Schools. Maybe this is why the religious right and social conservatives are so hell-bent on fear-mongering about ISIS — they recognize a mirror image of themselves. Their worst enemy.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch Denies Raising Money for Darren Wilson

Backstoppers says they will not accept money to support Wilson
9/15/14 9:33:48 pm
re: #311 The Ghost of a Flea Delgado is the latest in a series of female writers pandering to a largely male conservative audience, following in the footsteps of Ann Coulter and S.E. Cupp. It's hard to say whether she ...

John Oliver Explains the Ins and Outs of Scottish Independence; Also Featuring Haggis

Don’t go, Scotland
9/16/14 4:38:02 am
Hmm. Since when have NATO been in the business of decreasing their membership? This must be a new strategy I haven't heard of. Also - think about this - a freshly independent, peaceful western country whose people have voted to ...