Dallas Ebola Updates: New Patient Receives Blood Transfusion, Boyfriend Admitted to Hospital (w/ No Symptoms)

The latest on the new case of Ebola
10/14/14 4:53:20 pm
Surrounded by medical professionals and asking for prayers. Wtf?

You’ve probably heard about the new Ebola patient in Dallas, Nina Pham, a nurse who had extensive close contact with Thomas Eric Duncan (who died of the disease last week). The latest news from WFAA in Dallas is that Pham has now received a blood transfusion from an Ebola survivor …

Last Month Was the Hottest September Since They Started Keeping Records

The changes are accelerating
10/13/14 8:01:16 pm
18 years no warming. Yadda yadda. Antarctic sea ice growing. Yadda. Volcanoes. Yadda yadda. It is tiring. None of that counts for squat. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, period. It will eventually do what it does.
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NIH Director: We’d Probably Have a Vaccine for Ebola by Now if Not for Budget Cuts

The real life consequences of the anti-science party
10/13/14 6:37:35 pm
re: #421 sagehen Not bloody likely. It's very strange how DF goes into mindless GOP hyper-partisn mode here, gets hammered for it more or less severely, never responds to any substantive points made by the critics, and then repeats this ...