Video: The Sunny Personality of Chris Christie

Presidential material
10/30/14 11:09:30 am
re: #361 Vogon Poetry Christie can hand-wave that with "sandy sandy sandy irene sandy." (never mind that disaster recovery should be a huge boomtime for construction and related fields.)

Here’s the inimitable Gov. Chris Christie, appearing at an event on the Jersey shore to mark the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, demonstrating once again the patience and calm resolve that’s the mark of a true leader. This man is presidential material, no doubt about it. Sit back and …

Pope Francis Takes a Stand for Evolution

US conservatives are now to the right of the Pope
10/30/14 7:32:33 am
having grown up within Texas and a deeply "Conservative" family and church, I can tell you that Popes in general and the Catholic Church in particular might as well be Muslim or space aliens for all they care- the only ...