Dr. Craig Spencer in Guinea

Ebola Doc Craig Spencer Is Playing Banjo and Riding a Bike

An exercise bike, that is
11/08/14 11:48:47 am
re: #488 De Kolta Chair WW will love that one!

More good news from the Ebola front tonight as New York’s Dr. Craig Spencer continues to improve, is playing a banjo and riding an exercise bike, and is expected to be released from isolation soon; another success story for US medicine against this potentially lethal virus.

Stephen Colbert Skewers Republican Climate Change Denial

“Everyone who denies climate change has the same message: we don’t know what the f*ck we’re talking about”
69Charles Johnson
11/07/14 12:38:45 pm
When sticker placement goes wrong. pic.twitter.com/bKTk05NECy — Bad Record Covers (@BadAlbumCovers) November 7, 2014