Ebola Doc Craig Spencer Now Free of the Virus, Will Be Released From Hospital

Another success for US health care
501William Lewis
11/11/14 1:10:18 pm
re: #500 Dr Lizardo A bit late, but I always considered Rorschach to be the only sane character in Watchmen.

We’ve been following the case of Dr. Craig Spencer with interest, since he’s the only remaining confirmed Ebola patient in the US — or he was the only confirmed Ebola patient until today, when it was reported Dr. Spencer is now completely free of the virus and will be …

Tweet of the Day: Ted Cruz: “Net Neutrality Is Obamacare for the Internet”

11/10/14 10:17:18 pm
Jumpin yellow rattlesnake flags Ted Cruz, net neutrality would help ensure that the internet doesn't run as fast as the government because your campaign donors wouldn't be able to slow down your download speed that you probably use to get ...