Report: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in Talks to Resign

11/22/14 2:50:00 pm
re: #274 sagehen As, for instance, the women who worked with Clarence Thomas in fact did. They were kept waiting until something like 2AM by Sen. Metzenbaum, who then decided that his committee didn't need to hear from them after ...

Interesting news tonight from Ferguson, Missouri: Officer Darren Wilson in Talks to Resign.

Watch Live: President Obama Announces Executive Action on Immigration

New programs will affect more than 4 million people
11/21/14 11:20:01 am
If any Republicans start yelling with so-called moral outrage, you might want to ask them where their moral outrage was when President Reagan and President Bush the first did something similar with regard to illegal immigration. Steve Benson, the political ...

About President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

Deferred action
11/20/14 6:21:32 pm
Does nobody remember what it was like before? We had some illegal workers, mostly for the big ranchers. Our clothing industry was American and unionized. Now it's sweatshops, mostly out of the country, but a few survive in Southern Cal. ...

Nevada GOP Leader Has Long History of Extremism and Racism

What right wing racism?
11/20/14 4:58:45 pm
re: #245 Skip Intro Funny how the "liberty" "tyranny" "government overreach" folk are not the least bit bothered by pre-emptive martial law when it's happening to people they don't like anyway... Principles. //

Stephen Colbert on the Essential Douchebagginess of Libertarians

“When I carry a gun people are less likely to hit me”
36John Vreeland
11/21/14 9:01:14 pm
"When I carry a gun people are less likely to hit me" Have a problem with that, do you? I must say that such a thing is a little outside my experience. How, exactly, do you discourage people from hitting ...