Rolling Stone Asks Columbia Journalism School to Audit Their UVA Rape Story

12/23/14 12:53:55 pm
re: #328 darthstar Damn near passed out laughing.

At the Washington Post, Erik Wemple reports that Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner is seeking the aid of Columbia Journalism School to do an independent audit of their botched story about rape at the University of Virginia: Rolling Stone Farms Out Review of U-Va. Rape Story to Columbia Journalism School. …

Rudy Giuliani on Brooklyn Police Shootings: It’s Obama’s Fault

What the hell is he talking about?
403eff Jeff
12/22/14 11:30:12 am
I know, I know, new thread, but it doesn't feel right stinking up the other thread with this. I find this a little more understandable (that's not approval: keep reading). Giuliani is a man who built his political career by ...