Sunday Night Jam: Bob Schneider’s Lonelyland, Saxon Pub Residency 12/15/14

Club jam
12/29/14 10:32:53 am
re: #436 HappyWarrior QFT.

I’ve been watching these Bob Schneider Saxon Pub videos for a while and I just realized it’s time I posted one, because it’s always a privilege to see an artist honing the edge on his songs in a live setting.

Right Wing Stalker Chuck C. Johnson Attacks Mayor De Blasio’s Family

Johnson’s freakishly repulsive behavior continues
12/30/14 2:24:00 pm
Of course, many actual historians today view Chamberlain's decision as the action that saved Britain and gave the country a chance to build up it's forces enough to actually military oppose Hitler. He delayed German action against the UK for ...