Bill O’Reilly’s Freakish Interview With Former KKK Leader David Duke

1/06/15 6:34:16 pm
re: #376 Backwoods_Sleuth Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Show some respect for a Southern gentleman!

David Duke gets crazier and crazier during this clip. You won’t believe it. Bizarre Interview: O’Reilly Hosts Former KKK Leader David Duke to Defend GOP Rep. for Speaking to White Supremacist Group.

White House Press Secretary: GOP Support for Scalise ‘Says a Lot’ About Party’s Values

Republican values on display
1/05/15 8:32:24 pm
re: #182 dog philosopher Which part? Agile is just industry best practices that go back to the 1950s with military jet development. Nothing magical about it. It's been around forever. Where we really see benefits today are where requirements are ...