Video: President Obama Announces New Steps to Create Affordable High-Speed Broadband

Treating the Internet like a public utility
512Eventual Carrion
1/15/15 1:24:08 pm
re: #488 Kragar Now call her a worthless, piece of shit c*nt. See what she thinks of that speech.

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The state of Internet broadband access in the US is a national disgrace, and the big providers have very little incentive to change it because they have de facto monopolies and are able to charge exorbitant prices for sub-par service. It’s good to see the President working on solutions …

Former Congressman Joe Walsh: Let’s Hope Islamists Behead Cowards at CNN and MSNBC

388Jocko's Rocket Ship
1/14/15 8:44:43 pm
re: #318 Rev_Arthur_Icantbreatheing Cutler will be kept next year because they have no other options, and have to eat his cap if they cut him. Maybe Fox/new regime can rehabilitate his standing to be tradeable for a return. if not, ...