Chuck C. Johnson Attacks Dana Loesch: All Sane People Win

“I’m limited legally in what I can reveal.”
404Pip's Squeak
1/25/15 10:02:44 pm
re: #293 Dr Lizardo Maybe. But it's already plunged since the revaluation of the Swiss franc. I would guess that 1.12 is it for the time being.

Here it is, folks — the hit piece on Dana Loesch Chuck C. Johnson has been threatening to post all day; he finally worked up the guts to go through with it: BUSTED: The Real Dana Loesch: A Hypocrite and a Fraud Lying About Andrew Breitbart and Me. Hilariously, this …

Bobby Jindal, Anti-Gay Hate Groups, and Religious Right Wackos Hold Prayer Rally in Louisiana

Featuring a televangelist who claims she can raise people from the dead
100De Kolta Chair
1/24/15 2:39:20 pm
re: #93 bratwurst It only applies to black presidents, at least until Ben Carson is elected Reich Chancellor, er I mean president.