Sarah Palin Poetry Slam of the Day

We would fall in line and bend our backs as they rode us with reins
378Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance
2/06/15 10:25:36 am
re: #257 HappyWarrior read the first review, it's full of awesome.

Yes, it’s another monumental wall of authentic wingnut gibberish, brought to you by half-governor Sarah Palin! This time I decided it makes much more sense to look at this as sort of impressionistic free verse. So imagine Sarah in a smoky hipster poetry slam, intoning these words with her usual …

Amazingly, Another Highly-Placed Republican Resigns After Racist Comments Surface

Go figure
2/05/15 4:00:52 pm
re: #214 TedStriker re: #258 Lidane RWNJs loves them some authoritarian strongmen (or, at least, those that they perceive to be, because I don't think that King Abdullah II, Trekkie that he is (among other things), actually falls into that ...

Right Wing Media Already Misleading About Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Comments

Right wing media defend using Christianity to justify Jim Crow & Spanish Inquisition
130The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
2/05/15 3:11:23 pm
re: #92 #FergusonFireside Well, rinderpest is as old as cattle-herding, maybe...but measles didn't mutate from it till the 10th or 11th Century A.D. Meanwhile rinderpest has been eradicated since there are no antivaxxer cows.