Sunday Acoustic: Calum Graham, “Burning Up”

2/16/15 12:07:45 pm
re: #491 RealityBasedSteve It's pretty much all sleet, ice, and freezing rain here in Nashville...even Gallatin Road's a slushy mess right now. I had to chip off a good 1/2 inch of ice off my car, just to drop my ...

A really cool song from acoustic finger-style guy Calum Graham. Who knew he could sing too?

Chuck C. Johnson’s Birther Extravaganza on Twitter: “Note the Hands”

The Ginger Avenger goes loony
381The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge
2/15/15 5:28:21 pm
re: #380 Backwoods_Sleuth And a con artist. Gotta admire a promoter who'd name a frozen wasteland "Greenland". Chucky's kind of people.