CPAC 2015: Sponsored by White Nationalists Again

What right wing racism?
541Romantic Heretic
2/26/15 11:56:06 am
re: #536 HappyWarrior Does Bill O'Reilly count as 5 or 6 witnesses?

Tomorrow is the opening day of CPAC, the yearly gathering of right wing nutjobs, once again featuring white nationalist sponsors: Civil Rights Groups to GOP Presidential Candidates: Distance Yourself From CPAC’s White Nationalist Ties.

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CPAC’s Attempt at Covering Up a Minor Server Glitch Backfires

2/25/15 8:50:08 pm
re: #437 Floral Giraffe I had a paperwhite and the page turns were so slow as to be distracting. I'm used to my iPhone/iPad app. I had an original was ok (no backlight) and didn't love it. I really ...