Saturday Afternoon Jam: Death Cab for Cutie, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

An intimate set from an excellent band
4/19/15 1:19:16 pm
re: #512 Dark_Falcon Why did I expect this.

This is a really great live performance by Death Cab for Cutie. I was trying to think who singer Ben Gibbard’s voice reminds me of, when it suddenly hit me: he sounds like a less edgy version of Stan Ridgway from Wall of Voodoo. (Their name, by the way, …

Newsweek Reports on the Growing Alliance Between Netanyahu’s Likud Party and Europe’s Anti-Semitic Far Right

The disturbing acceptance of European hate groups in Israeli politics
4/18/15 3:52:33 pm
re: #156 allegro I don't know. She didn't go through, but bought outside with a company called "Coventry One". It actually pays quite a bit with a low co-pay (except for the nebulizer she is supposed to use, which ...