Video: Jon Stewart Cuts Loose on Wolf Blitzer and the Rest of Our Feckless Media

It’s in the “Humor” category but it isn’t really that funny
4/30/15 1:35:51 pm
Pres. Obama was ask about the situation in Baltimore by Chris Jennen msnbc at the Japan PM Abe and Pres. Obama press conference: (start @ 1:00:44). this is before Jon Stewart show

Jon Stewart seems to be at that stage in his career in which he has totally run out of fucks to give.

Harry Reid on Man Who Punked Right Wing Blogs and Radio Hosts: “I’m Glad at What He Did”

“I don’t see why he should apologize”
184Decatur Deb
4/30/15 1:59:48 am
re: #142 Shiplord Kirel Might just be a nice composition, but nuns on the seawall might have a deeper meaning in 1943: