Important Note to Journalists Writing About Pamela Geller: Please Stop Calling LGF a “Conservative Site”

In which I express my irritation at false impressions
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5/06/15 1:49:31 pm
re: #181 Lord Of The Pies iPhone 5 = $99 at the Apple store. A real luxury item.

Tonight I want to draw your attention to two good pieces on hate group leader Pamela Geller, but even though I agree with the basic direction of these articles I want to make a separate point, and I’ll quote the paragraphs that I have issues with. First, Alan Feuer in …

How Online Fundraising Confusion, Lawyers & Chuck C. Johnson Kept $60k From Tamir Rice’s Family

5/05/15 7:55:52 pm
HappyWarrior, in reply to your #47 and Nyet's replies, Arabic did influence peninsular Spanish quite a bit, since the Arabs occupied a large part of the Iberian peninsula during the early Middle Ages. The Spanish article "el" is in fact ...