Admitted sex offender Josh Duggar

The Duggars and the Bizarre Regressive “Quiverfull” Movement

Misogynist theocrats’ TV show is pulled
5/23/15 11:45:01 am
Jesus Steve. Is this how you win friends?

The TLC channel announced today that they’re pulling “19 Kids and Counting” from their schedule, following the reports of Josh Duggar’s admitted sexual abuse of five underage girls. TLC’s statement was posted on Facebook: Maybe with this Duggar family story in the news, people will start paying attention to …

Mike Huckabee Stands By Josh Duggar

Says those who have brought this forward have revealed their own “insensitive bloodthirst”
98The Major
5/22/15 8:23:56 pm
Boy did I piss off the Rage Furby bigtime. He was taking a shot at Huackabee claiming that the Huckster had a lap band surgery and then went on to write a book-well, I wasn't going to let that pass.... ...